how to apply for the trading online voucher

How to apply for the Trading Online Voucher

So if you have read our previous posts you will now know what the Trading Online Voucher is and if you are eligible to apply. If you have not got a chance to read them yet click here. I am sure you are now itching to find out how you can avail of this grant and what the application process is.

So, the first step is to go onto your Local Enterprise Office’s website and register to participate in a Trading Online Webinar. This is a zoom meeting hosted by the LEO that will inform you about all things TOV and how to apply. The conference usually lasts about 2-3 hours with a Q&A section at the end. The presenter will give you information on what to look out for when selecting a web developer and talk you through the different options that you might want to explore when creating a website. Your attendance at one of these webinars is mandatory. Even if it wasn’t we would still highly recommend attending the webinar as it puts you on the right path with your application.

Step 2 is to start filling out the application form. This can seem daunting but after attending one of the information seminars you will know exactly how to fill out the application. Remember to take your time filling out the form and give as much detail as possible. As the Trading Online Voucher has been around for many years it is likely that your web developer will have heard of the scheme and will be able to help you fill out the form. At VIP Solutions we assist our clients through the whole process to make everything as seamless as possible for them while ensuring they receive the full grant.  

As part of the application you have to get quotes from three suppliers of every service you intend to use. So for example you will need to find 3 web developers to give you a quote even though you are only intending to use one but you will also have to do the same if you intend to use photographers, videographers, graphic designers etc. This might seem like a lot of work and annoying to have to do but it is only to ensure that you shop around and find the best supplier for you and your business. Luckily enough for you if you choose to use VIP Solutions, we provide all your digital marketing needs so a quote from us covers all these areas making it easier for you.

Once you have all these steps complete you can send your application off. Do not worry if you don’t hear back from the LEO straight away. It can take up to 6-8 weeks to get approved. Once you have been approved you have 4 months to get the work completed. It is important to note that you have to pay for the work up front yourself before the LEO reimburses you. We always suggest that our clients ask their credit union for a bridging loan if they are not in a place to cover the costs themselves. To get reimbursed from the LEO you will have to get a letter of declaration from your suppliers saying that the work has been completed, an invoice and a bank statement showing the transaction. You can then submit this to the LEO for payment. Again it can take 6-8 weeks to be compensated.

How to apply for the Trading Online Voucher

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